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What is Venture Twelve?


Venture Twelve is a 12 month long adventure around the world that will include 12 day stops at over 24 destinations around the world. Each 12 day visit will be broken up by spending four days living on a very limited, tight budget, four days living on a moderate budget, and four days living on a luxury budget.

When averaged out, a traveler on a moderate budget will be able to spend a third of the trip living like a king or queen in all out luxury. 

Why Different Budgets?


There are thousands of luxury travel writers, and even more budget travel writers. But Venture Twelve is about getting the best value for travelers on EVERY budget.

Limited Budget - For four days I will experience each destination while staying at budget friendly accommodations, eating budget friendly meals, and spending the bare minimum on entertainment.  

Moderate Budget - Following the four days of limited budgeting, I will spend four days living on a moderate budget, which will include moderately priced  accommodations, meals, and entertainment options. 

Luxury Budget - The final four days will be spent exploring the higher end accommodations, and dining establishments, while having no limits on the money spent for entertainment. 

Where is Venture Twelve Going?

March - Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica

April - Panama, Colombia

May - Peru


Have an idea of a place I should visit? Do you live somewhere I will be and want to meet for a beer & show me your town? Get in touch below!

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